Saman Sarathchandra greets John McCain and Delegation!

I remember him defending the former President Barack Obama when a voter called him an Arab. It was at this moment that many people realized who he really was.

In 2011 he visited Myanmar. We welcomed him and his colleagues at Sedona Hotel Yangon. Hotel staff were dressed up in traditional costumes representing different ethnic groups in the country. He was utterly happy to see them and greeted all of them with a handshake. I chatted with John McCain and Joe Lieberman for a while and shared some stories and laughs at the Club Lounge. I consider myself so fortunate to have known him the way I did.

The most memorable moments usually don’t come from things you do in your daily life. Memories are invaluable, and they make ordinary moments of your life extraordinary.

This day of my life was extraordinary and will always be dearly remembered.

The most memorable moments of a hotelier!